Dresden Edition

Shortly after his death, the complete works of Ingersoll were collected and published by his brother-in-law Clinton P. Farrell. The lavish 12-volume set was published in New York by the Dresden Publishing Company, named for the town of Ingersoll's birth, and became known as the "Dresden Edition." It contained authoritative editions of Ingersoll's lectures, which Ingersoll wrote out from memory during the last decade of his life, as well as newspaper and magazine articles, political speeches, and the full text of his lengthy summation to the jury in the Star Route Trial.

The Dresden Edition went through numerous printings between 1899 and 1929. Printings dated 1913 and later include Herman Kittredge's biography of Ingersoll as the 13th volume. The set displayed in the Museum kitchen is a 1929 printing published by the Ingersoll League; it can be distinguished from earlier printings by its tooled burgundy leather covers and its slightly smaller size.

Dresden Edition (overall)

Dresden Edition (detail)