Statues of Ingersoll

The three beige signs accompanying these photographs in the previous image tell the story of the large Ingersoll bust. Their text is presented here.
Peoria Statue

This statue of Ingersoll is the world's largest. Carved by sculptor Fritz Triebel, it stands in Peoria's Glen Oak Park-- once Camp Lyon, where Colonel Ingersoll raised his Civil War regiment.
Borglum Statue

In 1930 a committee led by Ingersoll daughter Maud Ingersoll Probasco commissioned Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore, to sculpt a second Ingersoll statue for display in Washington, D. C. Borglum completed this clay model, but the project was abandoned in 1934 after the U. S. House of Representatives killed a bill allowing the memorial to be sited on government land. (Information for this caption was developed by Steve Lowe.)