Bust Installation

Below is a series of pictures from the acquisition and installation of the Robert Green Ingersoll bust that originally decorated Dowagiac, Michigan's Beckwith Theater. Click any image for a larger picture.

Thanks to all who participated in this process. Roger Greeley is the person in the first thumbnail; he is the volunteer chairperson of the Robert Green Ingersoll Memorial Committee. The second picture in the second row shows artisan John McCartney on the left and Center for Inquiry superintendent Vance Vigrass on the right. Also appearing in some of the pictures is McCartney's son, Alex.

Roger Greeley with the bust.

Greeley and crew with the excavated bust.

The bust in its original condition.

The bust in its original condition.

The bust before the entrance to the museum.

John, Vance, and Alex securing the metal base.

John and Vance working on the metal base.

Lowering the head onto the stand.

John and Greeley adjusting the bust on its stand.

The bust in place on its metal stand.

John, Alex, Vance, and Greeley apply wood to the stand.

John McCartney affixing the wood facade.

John and Vance put brads in the base.

John McCartney, Alex and Greeley with the finished bust.