Tactics of Infidels

Louis A. Lambert, a Roman Catholic priest, served as a Civil War chaplain in 1861 and 1862. He was attached to the 18th Illinois Volunteers. He was pastor at Seneca Falls, New York (1872-3), and St. Mary's Church, Waterloo, N.Y. (1874-1888). While at Waterloo, he began feuding with Bernard J. McQuaid, Rochester's first Catholic bishop. After Lambert called McQuaid a mustela putorius (a polecat), the Vatican punished Lambert by assigning him to St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Scottsville, N.Y., until his death in 1910. In 1882 Lambert wrote Notes on Ingersoll, a harsh critique of Ingersoll's attacks on the Christian religion. Two years later, freethinker B. W. Lacy issued a volume in reply to Lambert; this volume, Tactics of Infidels (1887), is Lambert's reply.