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On wall: Raymond Welker, former historian of the Village of Dresden, received this embroidered quilt cover by Ben Beard of Dresden and Ann Beard Hannacroix, New York, the son and daughter of Frances Beard, who embroidered the quilt in 1905.

The quilt measures approximately 60 inches long by 80 inches wide. In the center is embroidered: DRESDEN JUNIOR LEAGUE 1905 Mrs. C. E. Dennison, Supt. Jessie Carson, Jr., Pres. The outer squares each measure about 8-1/4 inches on a side; each square contains the name of persons living in Dresden and the surrounding area at that time. It is possible, though not known for certain, that interested persons subscribed to have their names embroidered on the quilt by making a small contribution to the Dresden Junior League.

In foreground: early wicker chair and cobbler's metal boot lasts.