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The display case contains aerial photographs of Dresden and various period publications.

Raymond Welker, then historian of the Village of Dresden, received the painting of a former Dresden landmark direct from the artist, painter Jennie Kingsley. Kingsley, a well-known local artist in nearby Penn Yan, New York, is the wife of the Rev. George Kingsley, who pastured a church in Dresden from 1975 to 1984. The painting is titled “The Birkett Mill.”

Kingsley said she chose to paint the original mill of what became the current Birkett Mills in Penn Yan, the world’s largest buckwheat flour milling operation. Constructed in 1831, it was torn down in 1929. The mill was built by one Hiram Bogart, who may or may not have been Harman Bogert, one of the pioneer developers of Dresden. Bogart/Bogert sold his mill to Henry Birkett, one of three brothers, all millers, who came to this country from England. The Birkett family operated the mill until 1898, when it was sold to one Clarence Lerenbaugh For his part, Lerenbaugh upgraded the mill’s technology, ran it for fourteen years, and then sold it back to Birkett family interests. William Birkett operated the mill until 1925, then sold the mill and its water rights to the New York Central Electric Corporation, which demolished the mill in order to install a hydroelectric station.

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